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At California Security License, we’re committed to helping people protect what matters most. If you are someone that has never experienced a break-in then consider yourself among the lucky ones. The statistics on crime in this country are overwhelming. Are you aware that are in excess of two million home burglaries are reported every year in the United States? And that there is a robbery occurring every 13 seconds? In fact, break-ins are the biggest threat to your home or business.

We understand how crucial it is to be secure, and our duty is to deliver residential and business security to as many people as we can. We do this by providing an amazing range of state-of-the-art security equipment at prices that will fit your budget. We get the discounts and deliver them directly to our users. And you don't just get great security products along with detailed specifications and reviews, our website also shows you a wealth of content related to how to optimize your home security with articles, video clips, discussions and much more.

When you’ve finished learning about us, another break-in will have been committed. Don’t let it happen on your watch. Let us help you get ready, so that criminals will know better.

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