How To Develop A Security Plan

If you are like most people, the safety of yourself and your family is a high priority for you. Yet, everyday, we see innocent people become hurt and sometimes killed due to senseless violence. What is even sadder is that many of these senseless acts of violence could have been avoided if the person was only more prepared.

So what can an average Joe or Jane do to protect their family from the dangers of every day life? Well today I am going to share with you a little known technique that smart people use to increase the safety of themselves and their family 10 fold.

What is this little known technique that you can use to insure that your family will be safe in any violent situation? Is it a super secret kung fu death grip?

No, the system I am going to tell you about is far simpler than that, and requires no previous experience in self defense whatsoever. In fact, the technique I am going to show you is so simple you will practically kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner

It is called Developing a Security Plan!

What is a security plan?

A security plan is a plan put in motion that provides you and your family with the best possible safety solution for you everyday safety concerns. It looks at everything from kidnappings and car robberies to skirmishes and house break-ins. Then gives you a tool or way to either prevent or defend yourself efficiently in that situation.

How do I develop a security plan?

Well, as stated before, this technique is very simple. Here is a step-by-step method for developing a security plan that is sure to keep your family safe for years to come.

1.Take an inventory list of every person in your house: First you are going to want to take an inventory of everyone in your household. So, for example, if you are living by yourself, then the only person on you inventory will be you. However, if you live with your girlfriend or wife, then the people on your inventory will be you and your girlfriend or wife.

Here is the initial information that you are going to want to write down for your inventory:

a. Persons Name:
b. Age: write down how old they are
c. Sex: Write down if they are male of female

2.Write down the top 3-4 biggest safety concerns that you have for each person in you household: Now that you have you initial information, you should think of the top three safety concerns you have for each person written on you inventory. This could be anything.

Maybe little Johnny is being bothered by a bully at school. Maybe you are afraid for your wifes safety when she comes home on the subway after she gets off of work. Whatever the concerns are, make sure that you write them down at least three or four of them.

The concerns do not have to be unique for each individual either. You may have the same concern for one or more person(s) on your inventory list.

For the moment, you should keep the concerns down to the 3 or 4 most important, and expand on the list later.

3. Write out safety solutions for each one of those problems: Next you should brainstorm possible solutions for the problems each of the people on your list face. The solutions can be anything from getting an alarm system put into your house to buying pepper spray for your girlfriend when she has to come home late at night.

NOTE: Understand that everything on your plan does not have to cost money. A solution can be a simple as coming up with a password when someone pick your children up, to setting controls on your childs computer so that they do not go on the latest myspace page.

4. Create a budget for your Security Plan: Now that you have all the solutions for your family, its time to come up with a budget. Figure out how much each solution will cost you. Again, not every solution is going to cost you money.

5. Label concerns from most important to least important: Now you are going to want to label your concerns from the most important to the least important. This will help you determine which solutions you need to act on first.

6. Put your plan into action: Now that you have a plan, you need to act on it. Begin to putting your plan into action immediately. This may be as simple as setting up a family meeting or sitting down with your loved one to discuss the new plan that will be set in motion.

So, there you have it. Follow these simple steps, and you are sure to increase you and your familys safety 10 fold.


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