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San Jose Security Guard Training

Individual Courses

Guard Card Level I Training

Unarmed Security Guard License
(8 Hour Course)
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Guard Card Level II Training

Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)
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Guard Card Level III Training

Unarmed Security Guard License
(16 Hour Course)
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Firearms Permit

Armed Security Guard License
(14 Hour Course)
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Combo Courses

No Combo Courses

San Jose is a great place to live and work and if you’re familiar with the city, you know it’s growing. It’s already the third-largest in California and on the move which means more than enough opportunity in the security industry to go around. If you’ve been wondering about a rewarding, fulfilling career in the San Jose security guard field, give us a call today to talk logistics. Our San Jose Security Guard Exchange center can get you trained and licensed to start applying for the kinds of jobs you’re after.

Quality of training is what sets our centers apart and our San Jose facility is no different. Our instructors have years of experience and offer classes on everything from armed and unarmed security guard licensing, tactical and hands-on training, and even personal concealed weapons permit certification. Whether you’re just getting into the security field, a seasoned professional or even a private citizen, we’ve got the classes you’re looking for here in San Jose.

Local Training Center in San Jose, CA

There are tons of great places to work in San Jose security and the opportunities are only growing. Silicon Valley is the largest industry in the city and has tons of security positions still to be filled, as does the sprawling University system here in town. With so many major production facilities and private employers located right here in San Jose, why not dive right into the security industry today? There’s no better time or place to start your security career and our courses can get you started.

Our varied class schedule makes it easy to find time to get licensed and our affordable course pricing ensures you won’t have any roadblocks standing in the way of success. Here in San Jose and all over the country the Security Guard Exchange mission is to get you trained faster and better so you’ll be working sooner. And don’t forget that once you’re done with class we’ll provide you access to our massive security job resource and our job placement services, as well, both designed to match you with the right employer so you can hit the beat.

Call now if you’ve still got questions about your security career and the courses we offer – one of our trained security professionals is standing by. When you’re ready to make the jump into San Jose security, we’re ready and waiting to get you started!