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Security Guard Licensing California

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Becoming a security guard in California means a whole new world of opportunity in the exciting, fast paced world of security. There are tons of reasons to pursue this growing field but if you’ve been wondering about the benefits of becoming a security guard you owe it to yourself to call a Security Guard Exchange center today. The trained security professionals at their facilities know what you need to learn to be an effective security guard and can get the ball rolling on your new career.

Earning your security guard license in California can take as little as 30 hours but you need to start with the basics. From crisis management to CPR to hands-on tactical training you’ll be taught everything you need to know to be an effective security professional by one of our highly-experienced instructors. What sets Security Guard Exchange apart is the level of instruction all our students receive, particularly when it comes to security guard training.

Local Training Centers In California

After you graduate you can expect to utilize our extensive California security guard job board as well as our security guard job placement program, both designed to help you find the right employer for you and your family. It’s our goal to get you trained then match you with a company you can be proud to work for and the high-paying, rewarding security guard position you’ve been looking for. If you’re tired of sitting behind a desk all day or working at a dead-end job, becoming a California security job is a great option for your future. The industry is growing and growing fast and all it takes to get started earning your license is a call to your local Security Guard Exchange facility.

Our centers are located all over California to make it simple and easy for you to earn your security guard license. Classes are varied and flexible and our prices are reasonable so you won’t have any unnecessary hurdles when it comes to becoming a functional security guard. When you get your security guard license at a Security Guard Exchange center you can count on world-class instruction as well as some great resources that make landing a great security job easier than you can imagine.

Call today if you’ve still got questions about becoming a California security guard and how to earn your license and certification. Our security professionals can get you on the right road to becoming a legal armed or unarmed security officer near where you live and have you working in a job you enjoy before you know it.

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